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Light Box for Art Display and Installation

E-Handsome Advertising LED Light Box es are an aesthetically pleasing and eco friendly way to display art work. Doctor. Richard, a snapper in Canada, latterly installed five enormous format LED Light Boxes with Internal Power Supply to display a few of his photographic art works in his working area.

A photographer who shoots landscapes, flowers, and design, Richard's works are colorful and rich in detail, well-suited for backlit illuminated display. Hard-wired on a single power circuit, the light boxes can simply be turned on or off using one switch. Patients and staff have been extremely receptive to the new art installation, and Richard plans to switch out the images occasionally to showcase more of his work.

With a variety of frame styles including LED Light Box es with Internal Power Supply and flexible bespoke design, our l ight box have bright, even light distribution and can be made in graphic sizes as tiny as 8" x 8" up to a visually surprising 72" x 120". Featuring a sturdy yet light aluminum frame, almost all styles can be found in silver and black finishes to enhance most decor schemes.

LED Light Boxes with Internal Power Supply have a shallow 2 3/8" ADA-compliant depth and a snap-open frame design that opens on all four sides for easy graphic installation and replacement. Eco friendly LED lighting saves up to 75% power use matched against conventional fluorescent lighting.

The usage of Light box is very big, it can use for the hotel, shopping mall, bank, restaurant, hospital, etc, for all the people who required a advertising project.and we can find out the best light box solution for all customers

Extra LED Light Box with Internal Power Supply features

1. Low operating and upkeep costs

2. LEDs rated for 100,000 hours

3. UL-listing for safety

4. Black or anodized silver finishes, custom finishes available

3 years warranty.


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